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Aviation & Mission - Super Guppy (737 Pilot in Command)

Wilco Publishing


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Wilco Publishing is pleased to announce AVIATION & MISSION, its new product line for the Microsoft’s multi-million selling Flight Simulator series.
Whatever your flying skills, Aviation & Mission has something for every pilot.
For novices
, Aviation & Mission will guide you in a gentle and friendly manner through all aspects of general aircraft handling, from a ‘cold and dark’ cockpit through to the landing and engine shut down procedures.
Experienced Flight Simulator users will be challenged by exciting flights, undertaken in unusual circumstances or with sudden emergencies thrown at them. Your skills and ability to take split-second decisions will be the only way to succeed against unexpected events!
Those with pilot licenses will experience what it’s like to be a real commercial pilot... Get ready to face in-flight problems and challenging situations. Improve your virtual flying skills and gain proficiency by mastering them.
These series of original and addictive missions will widen your Flight Simulator flying experience in a whole new way!
The first title of the Aviation & Mission series has been designed specifically to work with Wilco’s 737 Pilot in Command, the widely acclaimed and award winning airliner expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

-Highly detailed and accurate FSX missions
-Stunning set-pieces and in-sim videos showing off the fantastic scenery around the popular holiday destination of St. Marteen
-Pilot instruction on the correct 737 start up procedures and on a variety of emergency situations
-Mission voice-over in English... with captions and Mission Briefings in either English or French
-Mission lengths varying from 30-45 minutes or over depending on the situation and how you deal with the challenges thrown at you!


Engine Start Procedure - Level: Intermediate.
The setting is one of the most beautiful locations in the world: Princess Juliana International Airport in the Dutch Antilles.
Your goal is to take your 737 through start-up and then to fly passengers on a sector to San Juan, Porto Rico.
The Co-pilot will provide a kneeboard checklist and audio prompts to “teach” you the correct engine start procedure. You will then perform a short flight to San Juan.
A Repositioning Maintenance Flight - Level: Advanced.
Following on from the first mission you find yourself at the aircraft the next day. This time you’ll have to start the engines from a cold and dark cockpit without assistance.
We hope you were paying attention to the Co-pilot the first time round!
This time you need to reposition the empty aircraft back to Princess Juliana International.
The pre-flight briefing by the Co-pilot will indicate there may be a possible problem with the aircraft. On arrival at Princess Juliana, you will find out just what it is and learn how to deal with a sticky situation that every real-world commercial pilot trains for!
Post-maintenance Checkout Flight - Level: Expert.
After several months of repair, the aircraft you nursed back to base is being wheeled out of the hangar.
It must now be flown to Miami for inspection by US aviation authorities before it can be put back into service with flights to and from US territories.
This flight will start in VFR conditions. During the flight, you will have to divert the aircraft to another location...

Aviation & Mission is not compatible with '737 Pilot in Command Evolution', but with '737 Pilot in Command' only.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Windows XP 32bits - Vista 32bits - 7 32 and 64bits) / Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (Windows XP 32bits - 7 32bits) - 737 Pilot in Command (FSX - Windows XP/Vista version) - FSX Service Pack 1 - Pentium IV - 1.4 GHz - 256MB RAM - 32Mb Graphics - 35Mb disk space.

Aviation & Mission 737 PIC is not compatible with 737 Pilot in Command Evolution.

This add-on works with Prepar3D v1.x but not Prepar3D v2.