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CH Pro Pedals (USB)

CH Products

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Fully compatible with USB yokes and sticks.


4,5/5 Stars and 80% PC Pilot Magazine !!
PC & Mac compatible.
PRO PEDALS feature a forward/backward slide motion for flying and a pivot movement for racing games. They're a great (lifetime) companion to CH Products' USB line of joysticks, throttles and yokes! For flight sim games, PRO PEDALS work as rudders and toe brakes, and for racing games, they give you the extra support and power to accelerate and brake.
  • RUDDER CONTROL: The PRO PEDALS have a sliding motion to give rudder input for the "yaw" axis. This means more (and more precise) control in flight simulations. This is a good thing!
  • RUGGED DESIGN: Feet strong. Feet smash things. PRO PEDALS built with potentiometers rated to two million cycles. Feet smash PRO PEDALS many times, PRO PEDALS still work. Feet like PRO PEDALS.
  • STABLE BASE: An even larger and heavier base than our regular pedals, so the chance of slippage in the heat of the race/dogfight/shootout is zero.