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A320 Simulator & Checkride Manual

UTEM - Mike Ray


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'There is simply nothing out there in the aviation world like it. Over 350 luscious color pages of the inticate and complex details of the fabulous Airbus A320 laid out in the graphic style and  technically cluttered format made so popular by Captain Mike Ray. While the material is specifically created for the professional airline pilot going to their semi-annual training and check-ride ordeal... serious simmers will find just about everything that they ever wanted to know about the Airbus A320 family laid out in a simplified and easy to understand manner.'
There is more than a little pride and a great deal of satisfaction in being a part of the Airbus pilot community and being able to operate a superb flying machine such as the Airbus A320. It is a challenge that is as rewarding as it is enjoyable, and this beautiful and responsive flying marvel will supply a lifetime of pleasant memories and the material for thousands of interesting flying stories.
Learning to master the art of flying the Airbus jet series will require something really unique... and this book is a part of the toolset. This little volume is a source of information and technique that makes complicated things interesting, understandable and... well, almost simple !
Captain Mike Ray not only writes the information authoritatively, he actually does it in a way that is entertaining and almost fun ! Join him in an adventure in learning as we discover the Airbus A320.