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CDU III panel

VR Insight

Disponibilité sur le marché :: Oct.15, 2014

HT : 570,24 € **TTC : 689,99 €
** For European countries.
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The CDU III panel features integrated CDU-II with large glass panel gauge for Navigation Display, EICAS or Lower System Display. It is completely interfaced with Microsoft Flight Simulator X through the application software VRiSim software (supplied).

* Independant graphic port required.
* Microsoft Flight simulator X Compatible
* USB 2.0 Connection
* D.C 12V adaptor (Included in the package)
* One free VGA or DVI port on a ATI or nVdia card required.
* FSUIPC unregistered version required (Included in the package)
* Large integrated display : 9.1cm (L) x 8.4cm (W) / 4.8 inch
* Full metal case, plate and stand
* one year warranty
* Dimension: 37(L)x21(W)x15.5(H)
* Not to be connected to Matrox TripleHead2Go or DualHead2Go.

FSX, USB2, One free VGA or DVI port on a ATI or nVdia card required.