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737 Pilot in Command Evolution 2D Panel Upgrade (FS2004)



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This Add-on Requires the original 737 Pilot In Command for FS2004 (Wilco Publishing)


* New HD 2 panels compatible with both 4:3 and widescreen displays
* Two panel variants including the steam engine instruments version
* Fire protection system to simulate engine fire and realistic engine extinguish procedure
* More compatibility with online organizations


* Weather Radar showing clouds density, rains and storms to safely fly around dangerous weather conditions
* Fire protection system with test and extinguish procedures.
* Inertial Reference System (IRS) Fully working Navigational System
* Speed-brakes in RTO mode (Rejected Take Off)
* Advanced Autopilot panel with all the real 737 functions
* Traffic & Collision Avoidance System II (TCAS) simulation with audio-visual Traffic Advisory and Resolution Advisory system
* Full Autoland system CAT 3A simulated
* Widescreen and Standard (4:3) resolutions for the 2D cockpit
* Major Overhead systems simulated
* Highly Realistic Flight Management Computer including SIDs & STARs
* Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) with multiple callouts
* Pop up instruments (PFD, ED,...) for multi-monitor displays
* Battery and generators switches fully operative with corresponding action
* APU start up/shutdown sequences fully simulated for a complete Cold & Dark cockpit
* Thrust management simulation
* Two Engine instruments variants: modern digital and older steam style
* Distinctive air conditioning system for the 737-400


* VRinsight modules, Go Flight modules (MCP Pro included), Track IR
* Online flights : Fs Inn, IVAP, IVAO, Squawkbox3
* VRinsight : CDU II, MCP Combo Panel, MCP Combo II, Boeing MCP

REQUIRES: 737 Pilot In Command FS2004
Download File Size : 62.5Mb