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Solo Flight Panel



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The SOLO FLIGHT PANEL is a highly innovative Instrument Flight Panel. It is a solid Console made for manual flight, giving the pilot the widest possible field of view and thus creating a very immersive feeling of freedom and an ultra realistic flight experience

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It does not include Yoke, Throttle and Rudder Controls

Plug – and – Fly

It's that simple and easy with the Plug and Fly system, the SOLO Flight Panel does not require computer skills or program development tasks from you, you only need the authentic desire to embark on the best flight experience. You connect it to your computer and… you are ready to fly!

It's that simple and easy with the Plug and Fly system, it does not require the knowledge of computer skills or program development you only need the authentic desire to embark on the best flight experience.

With the SOLO Flight Panel you can fly 6 different aircrafts with the most recognized flight software in the market: Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2004 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The SOLO Flight Panel adapts to your necessities from the first moment.

The SOLO Flight Panel is prepared for you to easily configure the cockpit indicators of 6 different airplanes: C172, C182, Mooney M20J and 3 different generic setups displaying 3 IAS with limits of 200, 400 and 600 KIAS and without color range scales in temperatures, pressure or RPMs.

The SOLO Flight Panel combines Commercial, General and Sport aviation as it adapts itself to any single engine aircraft, even more it allows changing the instrumentation setup in full flight.

Maximum realism
With the SOLO Flight Panel you can directly interact on indicators and switches without using the mouse.

Technical specifications

* Attitude
* Altimeter
* VOR1 / RMI
* Turn Coordinator
* Gyro / HSI
* Vertical Speed
* VOR 2
* Manifold / Fuel flow
* Fuel L & R
* Vertical Trim / Rudder Trim / Flaps Position
* OAT / Clock
* Oil Pressure & Temperature
* VAC / Amps
* Autopilot
* Comm1 / Nav1
* Comm2 / Nav 2
* Transpondedor
* Master avionics switch
* 5 position ignition selector (OFF, R,L,BOTH,START)
* Fuel pump
* Lights panel
* Landing gear
*Currently UE warranty legislation
*Maintenance, upgrades and software incidence resolution through remote control access to SOLO Flight Panel by TimeViewer internet connection

Computer inside
The SOLO Flight Panel includes a computer inside in order to increase the realism and satisfaction of your experience as:

* It does not consume resources from the computer where you have FS2004 or FSX installed
* It generates a higher resolution and fluidity of graphics on the indicators and better frames per second ratio on the Microsoft Flight Simulator experience
* It allows direct connection through Internet between your Solo Flight Panel and the manufacturer in case you need technical assistance