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DOWNLOAD version : FS2004 latest currently released version is "1e".
DOWNLOAD version : FSX latest currently released version is "1h".

ATTENTION: Before installing a new version, it is necessary to UNINSTALL the current one and
to remove all additional liveries that would have been installed.

Liveries will have to be reinstalled afterwards.

If you ordered this product from another source, please contact your retailer.

CD-ROM version :
Latest FS2004 Upgrade here (v1)
FSX Upgrade here (v1h)


Usage tips

This section explains some commands available in Flight Simulator which are not used in these aircraft and can be reassigned to other actions.
For example, all FS commands dedicated to helicopter control are not used for an airplane.
Consequently, these commands can be reassigned by you to trigger features specific to this aircraft.
The main advantage is that you can use Flight Simulator menu to configure Airbus-specific commands and assign keys or joystick buttons to them.

The following table shows matching between FS commands and Airbus-specific commands you can map:

FS Command Airbus Command
Autopilot pitch ref increase up/down ND Mode inc/dec
Helo governor beep increase/decrease ND Range inc/dec
Clutch toggle Master Caution press
Rotor governor on/off Master Warning press
Trigger rotor brake All EFIS Brightness reset
Increase decision height (Concorde) All EFIS Brightness increase
Decrease decision height (Concorde) All EFIS Brightness decrease

Example: Imagine you want to use the ‘Shift-ESC’ key to reset the EFIS brightness:

  • In FS, open the pull down menu Options > Controls > Assignments…
  • Scroll the command list to “Trigger Rotor Brake”
  • Define a key assignment for this command (press ‘Shift-ESC’ to assign this key to this command)

When this is done, the ‘Shift-ESC’ key command the EFIS brightness reset in your favorite Airbus aircraft.

This is not an addition to the existing documentation, but it seems that many people missed this feature, which is very useful :
The FCU speed/Mach, heading/track, altitude or vertical speed/flight path angle values can be incremented/decremented rapidly using Shift key while rolling the mouse wheel.

If Shift key is depressed:

  • Speed varies 10 by 10 kts
  • Mach varies 0.10 by 0.10
  • Heading/Track varies 10 by 10°
  • Altitude varies 1000 by 1000
  • V/S varies 1000 by 1000 feet/minute
  • FPA varies 1 by 1°


I am experiencing a problem using the aircraft configurator under Windows Vista/7.
The Configurator must be launched with the Administrator rights (right-click on Configurator file and select "Run as Administrator"). 

There are no gauges on my panel and I can read "Error, please contact vendor".
That means that you did not give full administrator rights to your Flight Simulator folder.
Please refer to the VISTA procedure on this page.

Under FSX, impossible to get a Cold & Dark situation because of the parking brakes.

Select another aircraft. Set the brakes ON and save the situation as the default one. Re-launch FSX and each time you will select Airbus Series, it will be saved in the Cold & Dark configuration.

The liveries or the textures do not appear correctly.
This problem occurs with other add-ons after having installed FSX Acceleration Pack and/or FSX SP2.
You can disable the Direct X 10 Preview feature.
Please do not install the FSX SP2 if you already installed Acceleration pack.
Load the aircraft under the 2D mode and then after switch to 3D mode (Virtual Cockpit).

Flight plan for Airbus Vol.2 tutorial is not present when installing the software
You can download the missing file, unzip it and copy it to Feelthere\Airbus\FMGC\A330 here.

Fuel Planning, Managed Descent and "Aircraft too splippery" questions.
Additional information has been compiled into a PDF document and is available here for download.

I try to access the INIT B page of the MCDU but can't !! Why ?
There is a protection from Airbus to prevent accidental change of weight information once the engines are running. To access INIT B page, engines must be OFF.

I have installed FSX Service Pack 1 from Microsoft but I get some IRS alignement problem. What's wrong ?
You problably havent' updated the Visual Studio 2005 libraries which is required.
You can find more information about it on FSINSIDER.COM.

How do I access the Cabin view ?
Select the Virtual Cockpit view. Using the default Flight Simulator X keys to walk into the cabin (or using F1view under FS2004).

I load the airplane and the displays are dark no matter what I do ?
Please either middle mouseclick the displays or use the mousewheel to set the display brightness.
It is possible that luminosity changes will only take effect on the displays when you cycle the displaying of the screens off and then on using Shift-1.
In addition, make sure the 2D panel is not in zoomed mode. The EFIS are optimized to draw only once, so if the zoom view is active, the EFIS are not drawn in the VC.

How to install and setup an add-on under Windows 7 / VISTA (32/64bits OS) ?

First, install the add-on using Full Administrator Rights.

Then, go into program files\microsoft games\
Highlight Flight Simulator X folder and right-click on it
Select the SECURITY tab
Click on your username (not on Administrator 1)
Click on the 'edit' option (it should have a pic of a shield on the button with edit next to it)
Then you should be prompted by Vista security module, click on 'ALLOW'
Then tick the 'Full Control' box and press 'OK'
Installation of our add-ons can now start.

We do not support the use of our FS2004 add-ons under Windows Vista/7 (although they may work).

Make sure to run the installation of the add-on and of Flight Simulator with full Administrator rights by right-clicking on the application file and selecting the "As Administrator" feature.

At the first add-on installation, make sure to accept the DLL Warning after the aircraft selection.

We don't support the use of our add-ons under Windows XP64 and Vista 64.

Using a 64bits Operating Systems, the installer can't find the Flight Simulator folder.
Your Flight Simulator is probably located into a folder called "Programsx86" which is probably not what the installer is looking for.
During the installation process, simply browse the installer to this folder.
Once done, be sure to follow the Windows 7/Vista procedure as explained above on this page.

The Auto-Pause feature does not work. I am at less than 20 NM of the TOD point, and FS does not pause. Why ?
The auto-pause feature pauses FS when the aircraft is at less than 20 NM of the TOD point, and when it is on the flight plan leg that leads to the TOD point.

The aircraft is out of trim when the autopilot is disconnected !
This problem comes from FSUIPC. If you have a registered copy of FSUIPC, go to the miscellanous tab and DEACTIVATE the two items : VS sign and Disco AP elevator trim. Uncheck the boxes.