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MCP Combo II - Boeing MCP

VR Insight

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The MCP Combo Boeing type of VRinsight features specific Boeing MCP functions.

Completely interfaced with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X, the MCP Combo Boeing Type enables full simulation through a USB port.

The package includes a universal power supply adaptor (DC 5V).

The MCP Combo Boeing Type features EFIS, MCP & COM (Instrument Radio) parts.

The MCP Combo Boeing Type is compatible with Boeing add-ons but with others too (Airbus, Bombardier,...).

More technical information available from here.

Features :

EFIS  part :
* 4 rotary knobs with push function (ND range, mode, MINS and BARO)
* 2 toggle switches (VOR-ADF selection)
* 9 pushbuttons (ND display)

MCP part :
* 2 line character type LCD displaying SPD, HDG, ALT, V/S and engaged AP modes
* AP commands + extra user programmagle buttons
* 2 toggle switches for A/T and FD
* Knobs for HDG, ALT, V/S with push/engage and HOLD button
* LOC and APP buttons

COM (Instrument Radio) and 2 x 8-User programmable control part :
* 2 line character type LCD displaying COM & NAVAID Frequencies, DME distance, speed, VOR ID & CRS, Squawk code
* 5 push buttons for Instrument radio function selector (COM, NAV, DME, ADF, TRANSPONDER)
* Rotary knob for NAVAID’s frequency change, CRS/OBS, Squawk code
* TFR button for activating stand-by frequency
* 8 User programmable control buttons.

1 Year warranty.