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Track IR v5

Natural Point

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95% PC Pilot Magazine.
TrackIR Changes Everything !
Hyper accurate, fully adjustable, and only three square inches in size-TrackIR 5 is the one piece of kit that discriminating gamers crave. Take advantage of our 6 DOF head tracking technology, which links your actual movement in three-dimensional space to your in-game view!
Your increased situational awareness will make you the most feared competitor around. In dogfights, you'll be impossible to shake. In white-knuckle races, you'll be impossible to pass. In tactical combat, you'll be impossible to flank.
Discover the TrackIR advantage. Put Your Head in the Game!
Features :

  • 3x the raw sensor resolution of Track IR v4
  • Larger field of view than Track IR v4
  • Detachable base to improve durability
  • Completely new software with more options, and a much more user friendly interface (software will work with TrackIR 3 with Vector, TrackIR 4, and TrackIR 5)
  • New image processing mode (Precision Grayscale) results in 10x the effective resolution of Track IR v4
  • Higher resolution = less need for smoothing/more responsive tracking ("Never have to choose between speed and stability again"), further tracking distances
  • Jitter is dramatically reduced at low smoothing settings
  • More stable tracking at extreme head angles
  • Higher field of view = more trackable real estate
  • Spurious Marker Rejection = enhanced filtering of unwanted light sources
  • Magnetic base = enhanced resistance to wear and tear
  • Vented case = enhanced heat dissipation

Technical features :

  • Raw Sensor Resolution: 640 x 480
  • Sample Rate: 120 fps
  • Field of View: 51.7°
  • Size (w/o base): 2" x 1.5" x 0.57"
  • Weight: 1.8 oz
  • Response Time: 9 ms
  • Connection: USB
  • Cable Length: 6'