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Business Jet (Citation X)

Wilco Publishing


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Cessna Citation X

9/10 !
4/5 Stars PC Pilot Magazine !
90% PC Pilot Magazine !
AVSIM.COM : "This is an excellent simulation of a famous business jet, with enjoyable flight dynamics and a jet-setting appearance, coupled with in-depth system simulations, weather radar, and wonderful sounds."

Download File size :  45.8Mb (FS2004) - 56.7Mb (FSX)
World's fastest and most aerodynamical business jet ever !
This amazing software brings highly sophisticated 'Jet Set' flavour into your preferred simulator!
Combining state of the art technology to an unmatched elegance, this aircraft is a powerful business jet you will fall in love with for its wonderful look and aerodynamic shape.
Once onboard, whichever your piloting knowledge level is, you will be astonished by its elegantly furnished cabin while comfortably flying at nearly supersonic speed over the oceans.
Jump back in the Pilot seat and you will be amazed by all latest aeronautical technologies embedded in the cockpit. Some of these don't even exist in the simulation world yet.
To reflect these high quality standards, this add-on proudly bears our Pilot in Command label.

You will enjoy VIP level (Presidents, Show-business Stars ...) welcoming in several business airports around the world like Paris le Bourget and Los Angeles. A specific 'Presidential' or 'Movie Star' animation allow you to book, while arriving at destination airport, body-guards and vehicles requested to correctly welcome your VIP passengers.
This brand new animation feature can also be used with any other Flight Simulator aircraft you would fly to these locations.
Greatness, elegancy, limos, body-guards and red-carpet treatment ... add dazzling to your simulator !

BONUS : Pleasure felt while in the air does continue even after landing ! You will enjoy VIP level welcoming in several business airports around the world : London Heathrow (EGLL), Paris le Bourget (LFPB), Frankfurt (EDDF), J.F. Kennedy Airport (KJFK), Santa Monica Los Angeles (KSMO).

Aircraft Features :
- Highly detailed First class business jet
- The world's fastest business aircraft and also the world's most aerodynamical jet ever built : aerodynamic shape, swept back 37° wings,...
- Luxury VIP/Executive interior
- New specific FS X camera definitions (gear, wing, cabin, overhead,...)
- Multiple business liveries and the official manufacturer livery
- Realistic flight dynamics created and tested by active pilot and based on manufacturer's specifications. The plane operates extremely close to the real plane's specifications.
- Truly immersive sound experience with the real plane digitized sounds : engine, APU, batteries, air conditioning, passenger signs, clicks,...
- Realistic animations : hydraulic suspension, flaps, slats, spoilerons, speed brakes, thrust reversers, landing gear, passengers door, cargo hatches, stairs,...
- Nose wheel steering limited over 40kts
- Rear-mounted Rolls-Royce turbofan engines : 3900 miles at Mach .92
- Reflective textures, dynamic shine, night lighting,...
- Frame-rate friendly
- Wingview
- Easy-to-use Paint Kit to create your own liveries

Eye-Candy Features :
- Exclusive : Animated flight stewardess and pilots
- Exclusive : Embark and be welcomed and served by a nice animated flight attendant
- Cones around the airplane placed for security reasons while parked
- Safety rope when door open
- Airstairs passenger door
- Exclusive : Comfortably seated, get real time in-flight information on screen : distance to/from destination/departure, local time, Estimated Time of Arrival, just like the real thing !

Panel Features :
- Full glass cockpit with advanced digital avionics suite.
- Honeywell autopilot and flight director system.
- Photorealistic 2D panels.
- Interactive Virtual Cockpit with 3D knobs and switches.
- Dual Flight Management Systems with Honeywell Global Positioning System (GPS).
- Exclusive : Vertical profile displayed on the MFD showing aircraft flight path from the sideview.
- Dynamic virtual cockpit and virtual cabin : almost every switch and knobs can be operated from the Virtual Cockpit.
- Flyable from the Captain or First Officer's seat (under virtual cockpit mode): the PFD, ND and the RMU created for both pilots so the captain can set his instruments differently from the first officer and vice versa.
- Colour weather radar with turbulence detection.
- Radio autotuning.
- Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS).
- TCAS 2 : Traffic avoidance with audio-visual Traffic Advisory.
- Pop up instrument EFIS screens for multi-monitor displays.
- Numerous warnings and caution messages.
- Very accurate AutoPilot with overspeed and stall recovery systems, just like the real thing !
- Supports screen resolutions from 1024x768 to 1600x1200 (!) for a perfect instrument readability.
- Displays boosted with anti-aliased GDI+ graphics technology to provide a smooth and more realistic instruments movement.

Systems Features :
- About all systems simulated : electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, pressurization system, bleed air, air conditioning, FADEC with ATTCS function, GPWS, test system,...
- Overspeed and stall protection with stick pusher
- Dual IRS
- Fully simulated APU sequences linked to fuel consumption : follow the correct procedures to avoid dry fuel tanks during flight !
- Ice detection fully simulated

FMS Features (Flight Management System) :
- Ultra realistic and very complete FMS
- 5 different patterns simulated including HOLD, PROCEDURE TURN, etc SID/STAR with DME arc.
- Updated airway support
- Waypoint sequencing
- Discontinuity
- Missed approach
- Hold at present position
- Wind settings for waypoints, including reading current METAR for better planning
- Intercept
- Vertical direct to
- Learn function, so the FMS learns your flying habits and the prediction will be more accurate at each time
- Direct mode
- Editable RTE page with waypoint input
- Custom waypoint support
- Advisory VNAV
- And more…

Set up utility :
Customize your aircraft as you wish :
- Regional settings
- Joystick setup
- Framerate slider
- Flight director with 2 kind of bars
- Pressure settings : HPa or In
- Weight settings : Pound or Kilogram
- Pause x miles from Top of Descent
- Graphics settings
- Start up modes : cold & dark, ready to start engines, engines on,…
- Volume settings
- Joystick button assignments
- Setup screen to optimize performances for less advanced computers

Miscellaneous :
- Squawkbox3 integration for online flights. Full compatibility with online environment
- Compatible with Go Flight modules.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Windows XP 32bits - Vista 32bits - 7 32 and 64bits) / Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (Windows XP 32bits - 7 32bits) - Pentium IV - 1.4 GHz - 256MB RAM - 32Mb Graphics - 350 Mb disk space

How compatible is this add-on with FSX, P3D, FSX:Steam Ed., Windows 8.1,... ?   Read our complete table.

Sample flight (flight tutorial). Special thanks to N. Herrera ! Get it here

Cessna Citation X : PaintKit (4.70 Mb) 

We do not offer technical support for these paintkits.



DOWNLOAD version : FS2004 latest currently released version is "2d".
DOWNLOAD version : FSX latest currently released version is "2d".

How do I retrieve the new version that includes latest files (for DOWNLOAD version only) ?
In order to download the new installers, simply login to your account. Note also that liveries may have to be reinstalled afterwards.

CD-ROM version :

Filename File Size File Date Flight Simulator
CitationX_FS9_sp2d.exe 13 Mb 23 April 2008  FS 2004
CitationX_FSX_sp2d.exe 28 Mb  23 April 2008 FSX

ATTENTION : Please note that FSX version REQUIRES Flight Simulator X Service Pack 1 and 2 (and the VS2005 update as indicated on


No clickable buttons using FSX and VATSIM and FSInn/FSCopilot (under Windows Vista/7).
This can be fixed by loading the FSCopilot DLL after the product dll files have been loaded.
Example under Windows 7 :
edit the dll.xml file located in c:\Users\<useraccount>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX and move the following
block of code to the end of the file (just before the </SimBase.Document> tag :


The block of code should appear after the FeelThere product Helper block.
This must be done for each computer account.

Compatibility issues with other software.
Some compatibility problems may occur using this add-on and FSInn or FS Passengers in the following environment : Flight Simulator X under Windows Vista/7.

Flight Plan Error

In case of Error during import of Flight plan or Crash to Desktop when changing a point in the Flight plan (or SID/STAR) try the following procedure (for all Windows versions) :
go to c:\windows\inf (if needed, change path according to your configuration)
right-click on mdac.inf file and choose "install" in drop-down menu.

If you don’t have that file, you can download it from HERE.

The liveries or the textures do not appear correctly.

This problem occurs with other add-ons after having installed FSX Acceleration Pack and/or FSX SP2.
You can disable the Direct X 10 Preview feature.
Please do not install the FSX SP2 if you already installed Acceleration pack.
Load the aircraft under the 2D mode and then after switch to 3D mode (Virtual Cockpit).

Can I use a Download Manager to retrieve my files ?
We recommend you to download using Internet Explorer and, to optimize download performances, make use of a download manager plugin such as .

How do I retrieve the new version that includes latest files ?
In order to download the new installers, simply login to our download center. Note also that liveries will have to be reinstalled afterwards.

How to install and setup an add-on under Windows 7 / VISTA (32/64bits OS) ?

First, install the add-on using Full Administrator Rights.

Then, go into program files\microsoft games\
Highlight Flight Simulator X folder and right-click on it
Select the SECURITY tab
Click on your username (not on Administrator 1)
Click on the 'edit' option (it should have a pic of a shield on the button with edit next to it)
Then you should be prompted by Vista security module, click on 'ALLOW'
Then tick the 'Full Control' box and press 'OK'
Installation of our add-ons can now start.

We do not support the use of our FS2004 add-ons under Windows Vista/7 (although they may work).

Make sure to run the installation of the add-on and of Flight Simulator with full Administrator rights by right-clicking on the application file and selecting the "As Administrator" feature.

At the first add-on installation, make sure to accept the DLL Warning after the aircraft selection.

We don't support the use of our add-ons under Windows XP64 and Vista 64.

Using a 64bits Operating Systems, the installer can't find the Flight Simulator folder.
Your Flight Simulator is probably located into a folder called "Programsx86" which is probably not what the installer is looking for.
During the installation process, simply browse the installer to this folder.
Once done, be sure to follow the Windows 7/Vista procedure as explained above on this page.

I can not import the FS flight plan into the FMC !
This problem has been reported by some users, but didn't happen to the beta-testers.
To solve the problem:

  • Make sure you have the FS flight plan loaded in memory. The FMC import function works with the flight plan in memory.
  • If it still doesn't work, look into your FS\Modules directory. You should have a file called "gps_export.dll" and its size should be 6144 bytes.
    This DLL is provided with FS9.1 and FSX, but some add-ons remove it or replace it with an older version.

I have installed FSX Service Pack 1 from Microsoft but I get some problems. What's wrong ?
You problably haven't updated the Visual Studio 2005 libraries which is required.
You can find more information about it on FSINSIDER.COM.

The throttles constantly move up/down. What is wrong ?
we simulate the FADEC therefore any 3rd party (especially FSUIPC) trying to take control of the thrust can cause this. Solution is to set up FSUIPC not to process the thrust lever input.

Is there a place where I can find some other informations ?
Please feel free to have a look at FeelThere's support forum Cessna Citation X.

Reviewed by Computer Pilot : 

    ...I feel that the price is a good reflection of the quality you get with this add-on.... The money you will pay for this is money well spent, and if you like flying the default Lear or CRJ in FSX, then buying the Citation X would be a good choice...

  • PC Pilot magazine : 90% ! 
    Sept/Oct 2007 issue (#48)


  • :
    Reviewed by FS Magazin in May 2007
    Article extract
    This is an add-on for the more advanced Flight simmer who is looking for a thrill, other than the long distance flights with large airplanes.
    It is a joy to fly from a to b in ultra high speed and experience the luxury of a VIP.
    Feelthere/Wilco Publishing managed to put an add-on on the market that adds a new dimension to flight simming.
    In all it was a nice experience and I surely will fly this luxury gracious jet again, although some improved livery's are welcome. ..."

    The Reviewer - Manfred Lüderitz


  •  AVSIM.COM :
    "This is an excellent simulation of the Citation X, with enjoyable flight dynamics and a jet-setting appearance, coupled with in-depth system simulations, weather radar, and wonderful sounds." More