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Tilt Rotor (FS2004/FSX/P3D1/P3D2/P3D4)

Wilco Publishing


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Availability: Yes

Excl. Tax: €12.36 **Incl. Tax: €14.96
** For European countries.
80% PC Pilot Magazine & "PC Pilot Classic" Award

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Download file size : 36Mb (FS2004) - 99Mb (FSX).
The Prepar3D version is available with the download version only, not with the CD-Rom version.
Tilt Rotor is poised to revolutionize the way we fly. By combining the speed, altitude, and comfort of a turboprop with the vertical takeoff and landing capabilities of a helicopter, we can enjoy the best of both worlds.

No longer will airstrips and airports be necessary for high flying executive travel. Full-size, fixed-wing aircraft capacity means more space for special functions like short-haul airline work, medical evacutations, military payloads and much more, with the convenience of VTOL helicopter operation or VSTOL in tight corners! With an operational ceiling of 25,000 ft., this versatile aircraft will fly in icing conditions and extreme climates, from the Arctic to the desert with a range of 750 nautical miles and cruising speeds of 275 knots. Transition from vertical to conventional flight is a breeze in this aeroplane and the on-board systems all combine to make life easier for the pilot under extreme conditions. The Wilco Publishing Tilt Rotor is a simulation based on Agusta 609. This simulation breaks new ground in Flight Simulator! No other VTOL/VSTOL simulation comes close to replicating smooth transitional flight the way this Tilt Rotor does. Simply, it goes where Microsoft hadn’t intended and does it comfortably and successfully. Nothing out there delivers the same levels of exhilaration and sheer fun of flying the Tilt Rotor!

-Revolutionary Tilt Rotor aircraft with unique VTOL, VSTOL and hovering capabilities, developed specifically for this model.
-Unique ground-handling attributes allow for ease of manoeuvring around airports and within restricted spaces. The Tilt Rotor can be “parked” like a car!
-Seven distinct aircraft variants with ten liveries
-Advanced FSX missions take advantage of this incredible machine’s capablilities and test your flying skills and nerve!
-Video introduction to the aircraft, VSTOL and VTOL operations and a complete flight tutorial is included.
-Unique levels of interior detail including passenger, patient and medic (air ambulance) fully animated, military and civilian style pilots, male and female.

-Highly detailed replicas based on the Agusta BA609
-Compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator X and 2004
-Multiple 2D control panels, including overhead, pedestal and “glass cockpit” arrays.
-3D Interactive “Glass cockpit” Virtual Cockpit with 3D fully clickable knobs and buttons, collective and stick controls, fully functional overhead panels and more (some features unavailable to FS2004 versions).
-Outstanding VC cabin for Luxury VIP/Executive and Medical services (FSX).
-Genuine and highly accurate VSTOL (Vertical/Short Take Off and Landing), VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) and full hovering capabilities !
-Unique flight dynamics have been developed for this series to enable realistic and demanding missions to be made.
-Specific FSX camera point of views for functional and recreational use
-Luggage and fuel trucks connection animations (FSX only)
-Animated pilots, passengers and feature details such as fluttering warning flags, chocks and strobe light safety cones when on ground .(some features unavailable to FS2004 versions).
-Seven FSX aircraft variants : Civilian Executive, ShortHaul airline, Search & Rescue CoastGuard, Medi-Vac, Police, Military Ground support attack machine (fictional), prototype.
-Three FS2004 aircraft variants : Civilian Executive, ShortHaul airline, prototype. 
-Five civilian liveries : Executive schemes, ShortHaul Airline, manufacturer livery
-Three Search & Rescue and MediVac liveries : MediVac, Police, CoastGuard (FSX)
-Military liveries : European, US Army (FSX), European Military prototype  
-Frame-rate friendly
-Easy-to-use Paint Kit to create your own liveries (PhotoShop required)

-Unique flight characteristics developed to extend the possibilities and enjoyment of FSX and FS2004 ! This simulation is challenging to fly even for seasoned Flight Sim pilots.
-Tilt Rotor can land on a 30° slope, land on oil rigs and buildings and operate from the deck of a moving carrier !
-Realistic Turbo-prop sound effects
-Realistic switchable operating variable position rotor heads in VTOL mode (FS2004)
-Smooth and realistic animations : tilt-rotors, nacelles, flaperons, pilots, automatic windshield wipers (turn on and off with rain or can be operated from the VC), suspension, flaps, gears, doors and much more… (some features unavailable to FS2004 versions)
-Working Winch/Hoist/Slinghook in some versions, clickable from VC
-High resolution reflective and chrome textures, dynamic shine, night lighting, bump-mapped detail (FSX),…
-Exterior cones around the plane placed for security reasons while parked and details such as wheel chocks and animated warning flags,... (some features unavailable to FS2004 versions)
-Modern-style animated door/steps, passenger and cargo doors, winches and other equipment
-“Firable” “Hellfires” in Military mode (FSX missions specific)

-New generation glass cockpit with ultra-modern electronic instrument displays controlled in the VC using 3D buttons and knobs. Back-up GPS unit and minor gauges
-GPS navigational display (Flight Simulator GPS database)
-Pop up EFIS screens for multi-monitor displays. Resizable and detachable gauges for any additional monitor use
-Unique nacelle tilt and radar altimeter gauge
-Button controlled winch gear (FSX)
-Numerous warnings and caution messages
-3D AutoPilot control panel and radio unit.
-Selectable checklists for pre-flight, takeoff , approach and landing.
-Battery and generators switches fully operative with corresponding action
-APU startup/shutdown sequences simulated, with the corresponding EICAS messages
-Full compliment of functional switches and levers in overhead panels(some features unavailable to FS2004 versions) 
-Seat belts and no smoking signs switches with audio
-Repeater MFD in passenger cabin (executive only).

Tilt Rotor comes with 4 advanced missions specifically designed for Flight Simulator X :
-Hurricane Evacuation - Location : Gulf of Mexico – Level : Advanced
-High Roller Shuttle - Location : French Riviera - Level : Intermediate
-Carrier Resupply - Location : Gibraltar – Level : Advanced
-Everest Rescue - Location : Mount Everest – Level : Expert
Tilt Rotor features a total of 12 missions (4 missions under day, night and IFR conditions).
With a simple change to the mission setup menu in FSX, the Tilt Rotor can be used to complete all the helicopter missions available as standard.

As the real aircraft is, as of today’s date, still in prototype testing, some features of the real aircraft may not be fully or correctly simulated. Tilt Rotor has been developed within the limits of confidentiality and available information.

P3D / Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Windows XP/Vista/7) / Flight Simulator 2004 (Windows XP) - Windows XP/Vista 32bits - Windows 7 32/64 bits - Microsoft FSX Service Packs 1 & 2 (or Acceleration Pack) - Pentium IV - 1.4 GHz - 256MB RAM - 32Mb Graphics - 537 Mb (FS2004) & 820 Mb (FSX) disk space.

This add-on works with Prepar3D v1.x and Prepar3D v2.

Wilco’s Tilt Rotor requires the installation of the freely available FSUIPC, and should be installed before Tilt Rotor.
FSUIPC can be downloaded from here.
You don’t need to buy FSUIPC. Only the FREE version is required.
If you have already purchased FSUIPC, you don’t need to reinstall it.

How compatible is this add-on with FSX, P3D, FSX:Steam Ed., Windows 8.1,... ?  Read our complete table.


Tilt Rotor FSX High Roller Shuttle mission for Monaco X (Aerosoft) : download
This is an upgrade which requires Tilt Rotor.


1. Start Up
Download High Resolution here (zip/80Mb)
2. Take Off VSTOL
Download High Resolution here (zip/43Mb)
3. Take Off VTOL
Download High Resolution here (zip/49Mb)
4. Cruise
Download High Resolution here (zip/50Mb)
5. Approach & Land VSTOL
Download High Resolution here (zip/64Mb)
6. Approach & Land VTOL
Download High Resolution here (zip/24Mb)
TILT ROTOR PAINT KITS (Photoshop required) : download (zip format - 1.9Mb)
We do not offer technical support for these Free of use Paint Kits.


DOWNLOAD version : FS2004 latest currently released version is "v1.3".
DOWNLOAD version : FSX latest currently released version is "v1.5".

The new Tilt Rotor upgrade (v1.5) for FSX is NOW available. For those experiencing problems with ATC behaviour on IFR flights, this file will fixes the problem. The Tilt Rotor will now track as per instructions and according to IFR inputs. DOWNLOAD (100Ko).

Tilt Rotor upgrade (v1.3):
This important and exciting upgrade represents the single most important improvement in replicating real-world VTOL conversion/transitional flight in a PC-based flight simulator, adding a more accurate "FLY-BY-WIRE" simulation.


  • Flight dynamics (FS2004/FSX) : the VTOL/VSTOL programming has been further developed to more accurately replicate the real-world process. A more accurate “FLY-BY-WIRE” control has been added and TLCs (Thrust Control Levers) are now coupled to the rotor pitch controls to simulate correct operation.
  • RPM is controlled by adjusting prop pitch at fixed power settings.
  • Textures (FSX) : more specular control has been added to the FSX models to enable re-painters to take full advantage of special effects possible in FSX.
  • Textures (FS2004) : increased alpha channel capabilities to experiment special effects.


  • Cockpit (FS2004/FSX) : many minor revisions including improved gauge functions, control positions and lighting functions.
  • AutoPilot (FSX) : a more functional autopilot has been installed to overcome shortcomings in the FSX simulator.
  • Performances (FS2004/FSX) : revised engine performances and fuel gauges for better visibility and function.
  • Controls (FS2004/FSX) : repositioned flight controls for more realism.
  • Annunciators (FS2004/FSX) : improved working annunciators.
  • Panels (FS2004/FSX) : revised panels for minor gauges position and visibility.

Here is how the new panel looks like : picture.

To fully enjoy the new realistic flight model and correctly configure your joystick, it is very important to read the manual supplied.
Here is where you must change your joystick configuration... picture.

Liveries will have to be reinstalled afterwards. The CD-Rom version includes the latest version.


When I move the throttles forward, they jump back to idle.
Thrust Control Levers cannot be configured for individual engines. When configuring the Z axis of your joystick, throttles must be assigned to all propellers, and not to engine 1 or 2 individually.

How can I use the winch ?

The instructions for winch operations are detailed in the manual for FSX Acceleration (required for winch operations) along with the shortcut key strokes.

Can I use a Download Manager to retrieve my files ?

We recommend you to download using Internet Explorer and, to optimize download performances, make use of a download manager plugin such as

I can't find the 2D panels.
Tilt Rotor 2D panels' are available from the Pop Up windows (Shift+1, Shift+2,...).
You can move and resize them as you wish for better reading.

Why can't I take off vertically ?
Tilt Rotor requires the installation of the freely available FSUIPC, and must be installed before Tilt Rotor. FSUIPC can be downloaded from here. You don’t need to buy it. Only the FREE version is required. If you have already purchased FSUIPC, you don’t need to reinstall it.

How to install and setup an add-on under Windows 7 / VISTA (32/64bits OS) ?

First, install the add-on using Full Administrator Rights.

Then, go into program files\microsoft games\
Highlight Flight Simulator X folder and right-click on it
Select the SECURITY tab
Click on your username (not on Administrator 1)
Click on the 'edit' option (it should have a pic of a shield on the button with edit next to it)
Then you should be prompted by Vista security module, click on 'ALLOW'
Then tick the 'Full Control' box and press 'OK'
Installation of our add-ons can now start.

We do not support the use of our FS2004 add-ons under Windows Vista/7 (although they may work).

Make sure to run the installation of the add-on and of Flight Simulator with full Administrator rights by right-clicking on the application file and selecting the "As Administrator" feature.

At the first add-on installation, make sure to accept the DLL Warning after the aircraft selection.

We don't support the use of our add-ons under Windows XP64 and Vista 64.

Using a 64bits Operating Systems, the installer can't find the Flight Simulator folder.
Your Flight Simulator is probably located into a folder called "Programsx86" which is probably not what the installer is looking for.
During the installation process, simply browse the installer to this folder.
Once done, be sure to follow the Windows 7/Vista procedure as explained above on this page.

- 80% PC Pilot Magazine & "PC Pilot Classic" Award

- Tilt Rotor just rewarded 4 Stars out of 5 by !

- review :
For short to medium haul missions or just to explore scenery, it is a terrific aircraft to fly and calls for leaving the autopilot off for the fun factor.
The Wilco Bell 609 Tilt Rotor is a novel product providing a truly unique experience in the world of Flight Simulator.
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Officially licensed by Bell Textron.